Wild Tamarind vs. Woman's Tongue
Wild Tamarind
Wild Tamarind Leaf
Wild Tamarind (Lysiloma latisiliqua)

Other Names: Lysiloma bahamensis

height height 30-40 ft., max - 60 ft.
light light Full sun
soil soil Thin, neutral to slightly alkaline over limestone
water water Minimal

Use: Shade tree

Bonus: Wild Tamarind grows fast, produces fragrant little powder puff-like flowers, and is the host plant for several species of butterflies.

Instead of
Woman's Tongue
Woman's Tongue Leaf
Woman's Tongue (Albizia lebbeck)

height height 40-50 ft., max - over 60 ft.

Use in landscape: Shade tree, Ornamental

Why not Woman's Tongue?

Woman's Tongue is a highly invasive exotic pest and listed as one Miami-Dade County's "Most Wanted" prohibited plants. Woman's Tongue invades native habitats and displaces native vegetation. Woman's Tongue also has extensive shallow roots, produces large colonies, and loses all of its leaves in the winter revealing a bare tree full of unsightly seedpods that rattle in the wind...some say like a group of gossiping women!

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