Dade County Slash Pine vs. Norfolk Island Pine
Dade County Slash Pine
Dade County Slash Pine Leaf
Dade County Slash Pine (Pinus elliottii var. densa)

Other Names: Southern Slash Pine

height height 40-50 ft., max - 80 ft.
light light Full sun
soil soil Tolerant to most well-drained types of soil**
water water Minimal

Use: Large ornamental, Increasing threatened native habitat

Bonus: Plant a piece of Miami-Dade County's natural history! Dade County Slash Pine, the primary canopy tree of Pine Rocklands, used to cover over 185,000 acres of Miami-Dade County. Today, less than 2% of Pine Rocklands exist, a loss of over 180,000 acres!

**Slash Pine, especially juvenile Slash Pine, is extremely sensitive to construction disturbance, foot traffic around the base, and artificial irrigation. Be aware of these concerns when planting.

Instead of
Norfolk Island Pine
Norfolk Island Pine leaf
Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria heterophylla)

height height 50-80 ft., max - 200 ft. (rarely seen in Florida)

Use in landscape: Large ornamental

Why not Norfolk Island Pine?

Unlike Dade County Slash Pine, Norfolk Pines do not provide any food for wildlife, require moderate amounts of water and, with a shallow root system, are the first to fall over in hurricanes. In addition, they look out of place in the semi-tropical Florida landscape. Leave the Norfolk Pine on Norfolk Island!

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