Dwarf Gamma Grass vs. Liriope
Dwarf Gamma Grass
Dwarf Gamma Grass
Dwarf Gamma Grass (Tripsacum floridanum)

Other Names: Florida Gama Grass, Dwarf Fakahatchee Grass

height height 2 ft., max - 4 ft. (when flowering)
light light Full sun to part shade
soil soil Tolerant to most conditions, but prefers damp, rich soil
water water Minimal, but looks best with sufficient water

Use: Border, Groundcover

Bonus: Dwarf Gamma Grass is an endangered species. By planting this in your yard, you help increase the population of our dwindling native plants. The seeds of Dwarf Gamma Grass also provide food for a variety of wildlife.

Instead of
Liriope Leaf
Liriope (Liriope muscari)

Other Names: Lily Grass, Border Grass

height height 8 in.-1.5 ft., max - 2 ft.

Use in landscape: Edges, Borders, Groundcover

Why not Liriope?

Liriope is overplanted in South Florida and makes an uncreative addition to a South Florida home. Liriope also spreads easily and crowds out other species. Additionally, the seeds of Liriope are not eaten by native wildlife.

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